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  • E. Jasmin Dixon

A Year of 100 No's

Updated: Oct 10, 2021

Today I reached my goal of 100 rejections this year for my creative work. A hundred times my writing has been turned down! This may sound like a dismal goal or an odd thing to keep track of (and then announce!) but I see it differently.

In the process of getting these 100 no’s, it means that at least 100 people read my work this year, with some giving personal feedback (which has made me a better writer/poet).

I also received several yeses and even more requests for me to submit again in the future. All of this year’s yeses are in magazines that I thought were out of my range, being that I’m still fairly new at this. In the process of getting these hundred no’s, I’ve received two editorial/writing opportunities based on my work and the courage to keep submitting.

I write all of this to say: Put yourself out there! It’s worth it! And you never know where it may lead you or who might take notice.

Here’s to striving for 100 no’s again next year!

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